Regardless of a dog’s breed, temperament or size, all dogs are derived from the wolf. Thus, understanding the wolf’s behaviour, motivators and communication system have helped us to understand dogs.

As with their wolf ancestors, dogs need order and leadership. They are pack animals, so you must be the “pack leader.” Your pet needs to know from the start that you are boss, which helps him to understand what you expect of him.

Here are a few fundamentals to help you understand a dog’s nature, and so assist in training:

  1. A dog is a dog. They do not communicate the way people do.
  2. All dogs think in terms of the pack. They instinctively know that living with others, under the leadership of a dominant pack member, enhances their chances for survival. When you exhibit a leader’s strong and consistent characteristics, your dog accepts you as the pack leader and thus respects and obeys you.
  3. Dogs don’t understand English (or any other human language). In addition to barking and growling, dogs rely heavily on body language. Learning to read your dog’s body language is key to communicating effectively with him.
  4. Dogs are neither spiteful nor deliberately naughty. A dog misbehaves or disobeys because: He does not understand what you want; he does not consider you his leader; or he is suffering from some kind of stress or fear.
  5. Aggression is instinctual in every breed. Whether Chihuahua or German Shepherd, a dog’s breed has nothing to do with aggression. Aggression is instinctual and caused most often by fear of something he cannot understand or does not recognise as normal. A frightened dog will either take flight or fight.
  6. Correct your dog on the spot. Because dogs learn from association, a correction is effective only if it is issued at the precise moment the dog is either contemplating or actually doing something wrong.

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What makes a dog a dog ?
What makes a dog a dog ?
The world of dogs
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