So how do you know which dog will be right for you and your family? With so many choices available here are some guidelines that can help you decide:

    • You need to look at the dog’s breed and temperament.
    • Your lifestyle and personality combined with their breed and temperament plays an important role in determining what kind of dog will best fit you.
    • If you are shy you could find a large-breed dog especially one that is boisterous and hyperactive very difficult to control.
    • If you adventuresome, outgoing or a loud person then a timid, little dog may not be a suitable match for you.
    • Temperament has nothing todowith a dog’s size, breed or upbringing–temperament is something innate in a dog. A dog’s temperament has a lot to do with how easily they can be trained and, while good training can improve certain traits in a dog, training cannot change the dog’s temperament.
    • A nervous dog requires more effort and perseverance on your part to train.
    • A timid dog will hold his ears back, squirm, put his tail between his legs or roll onto his back. You can easily train this type o dog once he recognises you as his leader.
    • A confident/assertive requires owners to demonstrate strong leadership through a consistent and committed effort to train the dog, no matter how long it takes.
    • In addition to recognising an individual dog’s temperament, you would do well to investigate the breed that best suits your needs.

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Just like people, dogs come in all shapes, sizes and temperaments. A dog’s breed and temperament, combined with your lifestyle and personality all play an important role in determination what kind of dog is best for you. Do a bit of research first, then visit your local shelter. There is a dog with the perfect temperament for everyone.

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