Angela T. | Leonay, New South Wales

3rd December 2018 Bark busters rating

Training was straightforward and made great sense. The minute Peter came to meet our 3 dogs he had full control which gave us a lot of confidence. Peter explained the tools and techniques we required to gain the same control and persevered with us at all times. One dog had behavioural issues where she would spin around and bark and get into a frenzy, Peter gave us the skills to cope with this behaviour and now she doesn't do it at all. He came back as many times as we needed him. The dogs then had an issue with sibling rivalry which was very distressing. Peter reassured us once again and visited giving us both confidence and assurance and reinforced the skills we had learnt previously. He has been amazing and a real life saver for all of us.

Megan L. | Hobartville, New South Wales

3rd December 2018 Bark busters rating

We adopted Peggy in early September. She was a stray. We don't know a lot about her history, but it was obvious that she has had more than her fair share of challenges in life. She had clearly been used for breeding and had suffered damage significant enough for her leg to have been amputated at some point in her past.

Despite this, she is a dog who clearly wants to find her pack and give her full self to being part of it. She is gentle and good natured and having only 3 legs does not slow her down!

Peggy has been great with humans, but was starting to show signs of fear and aggression towards other dogs when we went for walks. Such a gentle dog most of the time, it seemed so uncharacteristic of her to bark and pull and strain in response to other dogs. We needed to find a soltuion for us all. We needed to support Peggy in being the calm and settled dog outside of the house as well as at home.

I did some research and found Peter at Bark Busters. I made an online enquiry and he called back the following morning for a chat. I was immediately impressed with his knowledge and concern for our situation. It was obvious that he knew his stuff and has helped many families and their dogs in similar and more challenging circumstances. We talked through what he could do to help (mostly training us!) and we made plans for his home visit that weekend.

The information Peter shared was eye opening and it was a privilege to have the chance to get to know 'How dogs think and talk'. The practical exercises he led us through gave immediate results. Genuinely. Our Peggy responded so well to the new order of things and was instantly ready to let us lead the pack so she could follow.

Without Peter's tips and teaching we were on a path to not enjoying being out and about with our dog. He gave us the tools to build her confidence in us so that she is less on edge when walking and is now on track to see and hear other dogs without reacting or going into fight/flight mode.

It's been 6 weeks since we began our Bark Busters journey and we are thrilled at the relationship we are building with Peggy. She is a truly special animal and we will be forever grateful to Peter for helping us help to her be the best dog she can be.

It's a big commitment to bring a dog into your home and family, perhaps even more so a rescue dog whose history is unknown. But with the right tools and a genuine commitment to putting in the time and effort to learn how to live in a mixed pack, there is so much to be gained from the journey!

Thanks Peter, from all of us!

Joseph M. | Acacia Gardens, New South Wales

20th November 2018 Bark busters rating

The training with Peter was fantastic. I was a bit apprehensive at first but he made us feel very comfortable. Harley also took to Peter very quickly and we've noticed results already. Not to mention Peter booking in for a follow up in a month to ensure our training is still going strong!

Thanks again Peter! Until next time!

Aarti G. | Schofields, New South Wales

23rd October 2018 Bark busters rating

We recently rescued a Jackaranian (Jack Russell X Pomeranian) female pup (name: Lexi) of around 10 months from RSPCA, central coast.

Soon we realised that Lexi was extremely aggressive towards anyone visiting our house and when we tried to calm her down, she would even nip at us. Lexi was very nervous around any unusual noises like the sounds of washing machine, microwave, recliners, cars getting parked, people chat outside the house, etc. and would bark non-stop for easy 30-45 min at a stretch. No amount of calling, persuasion with treats, shouting, yelling would deter her from barking aggressively untill the noises stopped.

I had a general discussion at work with one of my colleagues who had dogs in NZ who were trained by Bark busters NZ staff and had marvelous results and he suggested I should consider using their services. So I did a bit of research and learnt about Peter Adamow and read his reviews. Spoke about Peter with my family and I can say our lives have changed for good :-) one of the best decisions we ever made....

Peter walked home on Saturday morning on 20/10/2018 and all hell broke loose when Lexi lost it at the door....Peter immediately started noticing her fearful but aggressive behaviour and recorded her on his phone.

We put her outside in the yard and Peter trained us to communicate more effectively with Lexi. During this time she was barking aggressively for around 30 min and then had a water break as her throat would have dried and started her barking again for another 15 min before we let her in.

We followed Peter's instructions when we got her inside and we saw instant results. Lexi exactly understood what we said to her and she followed our instructions exactly the way we wanted her to.... this felt like magic. She calmed down and kept responding to our instructions. Later Peter even walked Lexi on the lead and she did very well.... this was within hours of Peter coming over.... unbelievable!

Since I have had two tradies walking into the door on Monday, 23/10/2018 and have had our lady behaving so well...a little bit of growling initially that died off in minutes and then peace and quiet at home which we had nearly forgotten/written off since we got her. Felt very blessed.... thanks a million to Peter for his superb tips, each hitting the bulls eye every time we use/used them....

Still lots of work ahead and will be having Peter over on 17/10/2018 as Lexi was a bit apprehensive during the first session.


Mary-Louise M. | Wallerawang, New South Wales

25th September 2018 Bark busters rating

We joined Bark Busters a bit over a year ago for our blue cattle dog, Bailey, and we are so glad we did! She became quite aggressive towards visitors after we had renovations done. She wasn’t impressed with people coming and going while we weren’t at home. Peter came over one weekend and educated us on training techniques and commands. She has since become a lot more relaxed. We had our son in December last year and to be honest I was really worried about how she was going to react to a new person in the house. I didn’t need to worry at all. They have become the best of friends already. Obviously we are right there with them during all interactions but the love they have for each other is just so amazing and I truely believe the education we all received from Peter at Bark Busters as helped shape their great friendship.

Maggie K. | Faulconbridge, New South Wales

4th September 2018 Bark busters rating

The training session was excellent.


Maggie K. | Faulconbridge, New South Wales

4th September 2018 Bark busters rating

The training session was excellent and immediately helpful. Being able to phone Peter if you have any questions is great Wolf (who is a rescue dog who has had a number of homes) walks calmly on a lose leash now even on a busy main road . I no longer have to worry about being pulled over every time a motor bike goes past. We go through the door first while he waits.

Best of all he is a much happier dog. All waggy tailed instead of looking like he is shutting down and no longer barking at people on the street. He now looks like a dog who feels that it is safe and is at home.

Kerrie H. | Cambridge Park, New South Wales

17th August 2018 Bark busters rating

Peter arrived and spoke to us about the training techniques and we straight away had response. It was when I walked outside to the mailbox without crazy barking and biting bought a tear to my eye. I have followed thru with our work today with great success, she did try push her luck but I soon bought her into line it was truly amazing. It’s only early days but the change in her today plus her relaxed state is fantastic. Well done.

Craig D. | St Clair, New South Wales

14th August 2018 Bark busters rating

Peter was great from first contact, promptly calling us in repose to our enquiry and setting up a session for the following day. Turning up on time, he immediately established a rapport with Winston, and took us through the Bark Busters methods, showed us how to use them, and then helped us to use them correctly. By the end of the session it was as though we had a completely different dog! Since the initial visit, and with the continued practice, the issues we were having with Winston are almost gone, making walking a joy and visit from friends and family enjoyable and less stressful on everyone. Highly recommend Peter and Bark Busters!

Kristina D. | Portland, New South Wales

3rd August 2018 Bark busters rating

The training is fantastic Peter came into a chaotic house with four Hell Hounds 2 Pomeranians 1 giant breed Great Dane cross Mastiff and our newest addition Rex an 11 month old German Shepard rescue. Peter walked in and immediately had all of the dog's calm no aggression within a minute even my male pom Geordie who is extremely aggressive with strangers stopped barking and growling we were speechless it's the only time in 5 years that this has happened. Rex was mouthing and play biting me quite badly he has completely stopped since Peter's visit. Peter came into our lives and taught us how to communicate with our fur babies the dog's now interact with each other in a calm relaxed way and are not aggressive towards Rex he is very respectful of their size all 4 now obey immediately it's magic. Peter also advised us to consider a change to their diet and feeding routine to help me with the aggression around meal times this has worked wonders and 2 of the dog's who were over weight have now started to slim down and are more active and healthy. Peter came to help Rex and he works wonders with us all. Peter trained us in how to make our dogs lives happy and healthy it's Bark Buster's magic.

Tegan L. | Lawson, New South Wales

26th July 2018 Bark busters rating

Tegan,We recently had a training session with Peter to help with our dog's (Gus) barking. We were so surprised to see how quickly the training techniques were picked up by Gus, he's almost a different dog. Peter's approach was spot on, he quickly got a handle on our issues and the behaviours that Gus was showing. He explained everything to us in clear terms and with a lot of information so we understood the full Bark Busters program, what was required of us and how to train our dog. He has been absolutely amazing and I would not hesitate to recommend him and the bark busters program. We still have some work ahead of us but I have seen an 80% improvement in our dogs barking already and it's only been 1 week. With commitment to training I am confident we will have a 100% turn around.

Valentina C. | Sydney, New South Wales

29th June 2018 Bark busters rating

Peter our trainer was absolutely amazing! Our dog was a very hyper and disobedient dog. With a few simple techniques it was like having a completely new dog! Couldn't recommend this service more


Keesha W. | Oran park, New South Wales

15th June 2018 Bark busters rating

Peters help was incredible, duke has endless energy so walking him was always a mission but now he always walks next to me and never pulls. Never even looks at the stairs to run up and let's us open the front door without going near it, couldn't have asked for better help


Felicity W. | Glenmore Park, New South Wales

13th June 2018 Bark busters rating

I thought we had an untrainable dog until we received help from Peter. Our six year old wire fox terrier was ruling our household, had seperation anxiety, barking and making a big fuss whenever we left the house, barking at the front door, not coming when we called him, pulling on the lead... the list was endless. We never got any results from other forms of training as they were treat driven and our dog wasn’t overly interested in treats. It’s only been a few days since Peter training, but our dog has already shown a huge improvement in his behaviour and seems to be a lot more calmer now knowing his position within our family pack. Thank you so much for all your help Peter! You have helped restore peace in our home.

Deb R. | Warrimoo, New South Wales

10th June 2018 Bark busters rating

Panda is our 10 month old border collie come former head of the household! I say former because a session with Peter has helped us teach him where he should ‘sit’. Our problems were pulling on the lead, running through doorways, jumping up, jumping onto furniture, excessive barking, stealing food, going upstairs (and using the landing as his ensuite), chasing cars and bikes and anything else that moved, chewing my curtains. In January whilst out on an evening of him taking me for a walk, he spotted another collie on the opposite site of the road and before I could say nice doggy, he pulled me over and I fell and cracked my shoulder!! These are a few of the problems we were having. I’m sure I’ve left some things out. It’s been a week since Peter spent a session reprogramming us and already, even though everything is a work in progress, we’ve eliminated most of his unwanted behaviours. It’s great to watch panda sit at the foot of our stairs longing to run up them but his face actually says ‘It’s ok I know it’s out of bounds’ (or something along that line).

One thing that’s helping with his change in behaviour is a change to his diet. Peter gave us some interesting and sensible info regarding commercially available dog food and the comparison to kids and red cordial. He suggested a raw natural diet and changing over gradually. Having raised 4 sons (who have all managed to grow up into well behaved fully functioning men), I changed his diet over to chicken necks etc in one swoop the very next day. I don’t know if it’s my wishful thinking or not, but one week later we have 2 (we also have a 10 yr old lagotto) much calmer and easier to train dogs. I’ve also found a fairly local supplier of raw cheap dog food which is really handy.

Our advice to anyone who ever has even the most stubborn stain in their dogs encyclopaedia of “how to press the buttons of my humans”, call Bark busters NOW, and ask for help. It’s a lot of my money I know, but it’s a gift of a lifetime of support from them and a lifetime of love and peace from your pooch.

Well done Peter 👏🏻

Beck C. | Glenbrook, New South Wales

9th June 2018 Bark busters rating

Peter came out to see us yesterday to help us with our very anxious Sadie. She is only 2 years old and we are her third family. She has a lot of issues with separation anxiety and barks when we aren't home. Although it was only our first visit with Peter, we could see results straight away and were really surprised at how quick and effective it was. We still have a long way to go, and need to be consistent with our efforts but I can really see this paying off for us in the long run. Thanks Peter!


Leigh M. | Wentworth Falls, New South Wales

24th May 2018 Bark busters rating

Our dog suffered anxiety when faced with people and other dogs which resulted in barking and pulling. Through Peter’s practical instruction and guidance, Mycroft has made a significant improvement. We can take him on walks to our local village and to the dog park. He is calm and focused which makes an enjoyable trip for all.Thanks Peter for your quick attention and continued follow.

Frances D. | Bathurst, New South Wales

29th April 2018 Bark busters rating

Peter was very informative and showed us what we needed to do with Zara based on her needs and issues. The most valuable part of the training was giving me confidence in how I treated/worked with my dog.

Claudette A. | Sydney, New South Wales

15th April 2018 Bark busters rating

As a family, we were more than ready to try Bark Busters as we were at the point where our dogs behaviours were so intrusive to our family life that we needed to try something or look at surrendering or rehoming our dog. To have visitors, family or friends staying at our home was becoming an impossibility with the aggression and barking from our 5 yr old Female Cattle Dog X. Peter was very thorough in explaining and showing us techniques that we wish we had known since our girl was a puppy. With the Bark Busters guarantee it is reassuring that Peter can help when we need to do more training or if other behaviours develop. It has only been two days after our first visit and Narla is already responding very well. She seems more relaxed and a much happier dog, making us a much happier family.

Claudette A. | Sydney, New South Wales

15th April 2018 Bark busters rating

As a family, we were more than ready to try Bark Busters as we were at the point where our dogs behaviours were so intrusive to our family life that we needed to try something or look at surrendering or rehoming our dog. To have visitors, family or friends staying at our home was becoming an impossibility with the aggression and barking from our 5 yr old Female Cattle Dog X. Peter was very thorough in explaining and showing us techniques that we wish we had known since our girl was a puppy. With the Bark Busters guarantee it is reassuring that Peter can help when we need to do more training or if other behaviours develop. It has only been two days after our first visit and Narla is already responding very well. She seems more relaxed and a much happier dog, making us a much happier family.


Maria A. | gregory hills, New South Wales

14th April 2018 Bark busters rating

My partner and I were hesitant and sceptical in doing barkbusters. although we had read some amazing reviews we just couldnt believe this to be true. we had made the decision that this would be the last opportunity in keeping Tyson if it didnt work we would have to saddly let him go.

Tyson is a 9 month old pug x labrador making him a pugador. one of the naughtiest pups ive ever had to deal with. he would bite everything, make holes in the back yard, he would allow us to pat him and the worst was jumping on everyone who would go out back. it made it really hard for us to want to go outside due to his jumping. this stressed us out alot .

Peter our trainer was lovely. as soon as he walked in we felt a sense of peace and authority even Tyson felt it. he was extremely patient with us and our kids answering all our questions and worries. he explained everything to us and why we needed to follow though with the steps to ensure we had a new happy and healthy dog.

Tyson is a new dog and we are so greatful for it

we can not thank barkbusters and peter enough for ensuring we feel supported. we would not hesiste to recommend them.

Sonya N. | Vineyard, New South Wales

22nd March 2018 Bark busters rating

Archie came to us as a rescue and had behavourial problems as well.

Although we are a very whippet savvy family who have a number of

rescue whippets with their own issues, Archie was different.

Peter was recommended to us and upon Peter meeting Archie he knew

exactly how to help our boy. To my great relief Peter let me know that

what I had put into place to assist Archie as well as what I was feeding

all our whippets was great, I just needed to tweak some things.

I watched as Peter spent time working with Archie and instantly I could

see the dog start to relax and respond to Peter. I will continue with

Peter’s suggestions and I look forward to watching our young man grow

into the boy I know he can become.

I can’t thank Peter enough for his time and effort and to know that Archie

and I have his lifelong support.

I can’t recommend Peter highly enough and love that he is a kind, gentle

man willing to work to help any dog with any issues.

Thank you Peter

Sonya and Archie Whippet.


David & Adele M. | Schofields, New South Wales

4th March 2018 Bark busters rating

We arranged the training more for us than Donald as he’s our first rescue dog and has missed his formative years due to injury. Peter was very experienced & informative when he demonstrated the training techniques we could use with Donald. This was done both practically & using the training manuals he bought with him. We saw an instant improvement in the ways we could get Donald to respond to us using the simple techniques Peter demonstrated. We would definitely recommend Peter for anyone who needs assistance in training their dog. Roll on the second lesson!!


Ash W. | Marsden park, New South Wales

3rd March 2018 Bark busters rating

The training was awesome!! Peter was so helpful and professional and honestly has changed our lives!! Everything is actually so simple but explained so clearly that we now feel like we're in control! Couldn't be happier.


Sandra M. | Cranebrook, New South Wales

4th February 2018 Bark busters rating

Very professional and knowledgeable is Peter’s service. We are glad we have his support in training and educating us on our two puppies.

Teri D. | Grasmere, New South Wales

25th January 2018 Bark busters rating

We, (my four young children my husband and I) got a beautiful golden Labrador puppy just over a year ago. In that year she has eaten though 7dog beds a human couch 4 crane arm chairs and cushions the list goes on. She was becoming very jumpy with the kids and because she was quite big if she jumped on them she would knock them over and hurt them. We couldnt control her anymore and got to the point where the kids wouldn't go outside if Ruby was put there. We first met Peter a few months ago and on our first meeting and training session Peter had turned Ruby into a totally different dog, without treats! We have had two lessons so far and probably need a few more, more for us than Ruby. The happy part is the kids are happy to be outside with Ruby now and she has not jumped on them since Peter has come. We still have work to do but we are definitely a happier family with the help of Peter.

Richard T. | Bathurst, New South Wales

9th January 2018 Bark busters rating

Peter was very knowledgeable and conveyed his knowledge to us in an effective manner. His rapport with our dogs was fantastic.

All in all it was a great experience and one that had benefit for not only our dogs but us as well.

Alyson H. | Regentville, New South Wales

7th January 2018 Bark busters rating

The training was amazing and we have seen instant results. My children can now go outside and the dogs won't jump very much. I loved that solutions/ideas and options were provided on the first training session. Thank you!!

Renee A. | Emu Plains, New South Wales

7th January 2018 Bark busters rating

Peter is fantastic, totally committed to animals and his job to help them. Buddy was a totally different dog after just 20 mins of training. Calm and relaxed.

You can ask Peter any questions and he is knowledgeable and helpful. Bark Busters also provided me with a letter to help communicate with the neighbours about Buddy's training which read so professionally. I was thoroughly impressed. I would recommend Peter to anyone. Thanks so much


Hilda D. | Parramatta, New South Wales

13th December 2017 Bark busters rating

Peter came to my workplace to assess my rescued greyhound for the purpose of providing dog therapy to the local nursing homes. He tested her under many different conditions and also my ability to handle her. The assessment was very thorough and extended to the outside of my work where there is high traffic of cars and pedestrians. That would have been enough but Peter offered some great advice about what to feed her. I took his advice and can see how much healthier she looks and it was actually cheaper than mainstream dog biscuits. I am very grateful to Peter for this advice.

Teri D. | Grasmere, New South Wales

12th December 2017 Bark busters rating

I can't recommend this enough! Peter from bark busters is the dog whisperer! We are two lessons in and the difference in Ruby is day and night.

Vanessa S. | Doonside, New South Wales

28th November 2017 Bark busters rating

There isn't enough words to say how awesome Peter is. He has come out to help out with 3 of our dogs , which has all helped, Billy the Pug is our latest addition, and he came out to teach us what we were doing wrong, Thanks Again Peter , you are awesome, even if some of our dogs won't admit it .:).


Leanne S. | Harrington park, New South Wales

26th November 2017 Bark busters rating

Peter came out to see us this morning. It was a wealth of information and instantly we have seen results. Chanel is responding so well to my husband and I being the pack leaders


Hannah S. | Rouse Hill, New South Wales

17th November 2017 Bark busters rating

Peter was a great help at helping us to dissolve a sibling rivalry situation. He also recognised other areas in our dogs’ behaviour that may have been contributing factors and assist us in become the leader of the pack. Our dogs learnt so much in the initial training, with the fighting ceasing the next day.

Madeline C. | Beaumont Hills, New South Wales

16th November 2017 Bark busters rating

Would 100% recommend this company to anyone! I saw instant results which I wasn’t expecting and am still continuing to see jazzy improve by the day. Well worth the money


4th October 2017 Bark busters rating



Danielle W. | Oran Park, New South Wales

3rd October 2017 Bark busters rating

Loved it! Peter really went in detail as to how and why he was doing certain things with Chester and both myself and my partner gained a lot of knowledge not just on training but on a dogs wellbeing, thoughts, behaviour etc.


Catherine O. | Winmalee, New South Wales

26th September 2017 Bark busters rating

We adopted a 1.5 year old staffy from the pound and had issues with him jumping, barging into the house whenever the door opened as well as pulling and crossing in front of your whilst on lead. In one session Peter managed to stop the door barging and have him walking by my side without pulling and tripping me over.

Our boy Jet responded so well to the training that his jumping has reduced, he responds straight away when called and now waits at the gate and back door. I would highly recommend Peter, he knows what he is doing and has helped our new man settle in nicely at home. I'm looking forward to our next session and involving the kids in the training process.

Caitlin S. | Cambridge park, New South Wales

20th September 2017 Bark busters rating

Training was great, I didn't realise that it would be soo simple. We have seen a change in our dogs behaviour already in the short time.

Sue L. | Penrith, New South Wales

19th September 2017 Bark busters rating

I didn't know what to expect but peter was amazing with Sophie. Sophie is a 3yr old Staffy x rescue dog and has been with me for 2wks and her behaviours became apparent as she settled here. She has a beautiful nature but was very boisterous and liked to jump,I have a 4 and 8 yr old grandsons and she frequently knocked them over. After 1 afternoon with Peter she is just the most beautiful relaxed caring dog.

Francois C. | Rosemeadow, New South Wales

13th August 2017 Bark busters rating

It was very productive, and we are very pleased that our dog Pandee is behaving and following the instruction. She stopped at the kitchen door & setting down as we always wish for. This morning walking, was the most enjoyable walking that we've never done, Pandee walked beside us all the way. Thank you again, Peter! You made our life much easier now!


Jo S. | LITHGOW, New South Wales

8th August 2017 Bark busters rating

Peter spent over a couple of hours with us but worked out the issues we were having within the first 15 minutes of the visit. We were amazed at the techniques he advised to get the attention of Abbie, and our other 2 dogs. Once he made us aware of how our dogs see us it was understandable to see why we were in such disarray! We received great advice on how to control when visitors come to the door, how to stop the barking and most importantly for Abbie, how to walk on her lead. It is the best money I have invested.. We want to lead a happy cohesive life with our dogs!

Robin C. | Richmond, New South Wales

7th August 2017 Bark busters rating

I was really pleased with our first lesson, Peter was able to get Rosie to do things she was afraid of doing, like getting into the car, it only took 5 mins. I am looking forward to our next visit.

Robin C. | Richmond, New South Wales

7th August 2017 Bark busters rating

I was real pleased with our first lesson , peter was able to get Rosie to do things she was afraid of doing, like getting into the car ,it only took 5 mins I am looking forward to our next visit

Breanna M. | Picton, New South Wales

29th July 2017 Bark busters rating


We were apprehensive to commit to the initial cost of bark busters, but I'm so glad we weighed the alternative of paying for multiple weekly obedience clubs, and started with Peter. We felt like our 7month old swiss shepherd was a nightmare! It didn't matter how much we tried to wear him out, he always had enough energy to chase our cats to all corners of the house, jump all over us on the lounge, jump on all our visitors, bark in the yard, cry when we left home and dig in the yard. We were encouraged by positive training but didn't have the right consistency to get and maintain results on our own. Enter Peter and the bark busters training system. We had read previous reviews and they are not joking, WITHIN MINUTES (!!!) Perrin was acting like a different dog! He let us open the front door! He let us walk through doorways first, looking to us for permission to also follow! He left his toys alone if we asked! He learnt that jumping on us wasn't ok! We were amazed - 24 hrs on and we're absolutely in love with this relaxed Perrin. Peter educated us on the pack hiearachy and we saw it almost immediately, Perrin has stopped having to "take care of us" and is just a pleasure to be around...IN 24 HOURS! The best part is that we've been able to have cuddles and pats with our cats again. I will strongly encourage anybody with a dog, no matter how "poor" or troublesome they think their behaviour is, to do themselves and their pooch a favour by booking in with Peter. Thank you Peter for helping us understand Perrin so we could love him all the time - not just when he was sleeping!!

Simon K. | Mount Annan, New South Wales

21st July 2017 Bark busters rating

The training from Peter for both ourselves and Tommy was amazing. Results were instantly visible and we came away with the knowledge and tools needed to be able to continue to train and work with our dog.

Brendan G. | bligh park, New South Wales

20th July 2017 Bark busters rating

My wife and I didn't know what to do or which way to go. A friend suggested Bark Buster's, not sure of what they could do to help we thought we have nothing to loose.

Although at first the price seemed a bit high, the promise of ongoing support accompanied with the $1000s we have spent on deterrents (which all failed) we saw it as a reasonable price.

Peter worked with us and Lexi for a couple of hours after that Lexi went from a serial excessive Barker (which neighbors had complained to council) to silent and my wife and I re asserted ourselves as the "pack leader". No treats no harsh disapline just real respect between owner and dog.

In addition to the training of her barking Peter showed my wife and I how to stop Lexi from running away, how to get her to come when called and how to get her to walk on the lead and not pull away.

All this in a clear easy to understand way in a very short span of time. One last thing which was explained was how a raw diet (not dry/wet "dog food" diet) could work out not only cheaper but healthier and also help with lexis temperment.

Before Peter we were considering giving our very loved family pet away now we can keep her have happy neighbors and no more stress over a barking dog and possible council fines.

Cherie S. | Dural, New South Wales

20th July 2017 Bark busters rating

Excellent training on ever level! Left us feeling empowered.


Kait S. | Blaxland, New South Wales

20th July 2017 Bark busters rating

So much great info from Peter ! He explained everything in ways that both made sense, and didn't make us feel like idiots. We had immidiate results from the training tips we received - especially with Leo's restraint for going for toys (he is obsessed with them!). Still some work to do with our recall - but already far better than he was originally.

Barbra A. | Wedderburn, New South Wales

3rd July 2017 Bark busters rating

It is month today since Peter from Bark Busters came to our home to show us the tools to use to stop our pugs Baci & Ballie from fighting we instantly started using the tools Peter gave us and it truly is working! ! My boys are much calmer and they have not a a fight in front of me for month it is amazing ! my hubby and i are committed to using the tools Peter gave us and our boys are now well behaved a hug thank to Bark Busters and Peter. Sincerely Barbra the crazy Pug lady


Nicole B. | Camden, New South Wales

26th June 2017 Bark busters rating

Peter came out on Sunday afternoon to help my partner and I with out 6 month old German Shepherd. She is a sweet pup but a little bean that jumps all over the place and NEVER focuses on me or my partner. As soon as he walked in and explained "dog language" than demonstrated to us how to speak to Harlow so she understood. I almost fell over when she listen to him. I thought for sure because he was new she was doing it but than my partner and I tried it with her and she listen! We kicked a ball around while she sat still and waited for our comand to play with the ball. We did so much and Harlow did so well. All round an AMAZING training session.

Barbra A. | Wedderburn, New South Wales

22nd June 2017 Bark busters rating

Peter was very professional right from the start and very easy to talk to he listened to our problem with our 2 pugs with there sibling rivalry behaviour with complete understanding,Peter also came back 3 weeks later to check on how the the pugs were doing. We put the trainging into action as soon as Peter left the change in the pugs was truly amazing the tools we were given have worked in a very postive way for my boys and for my husband and I and there is a much calmer engergy in my house thanks to Bark Busters ! We were very impressed and we highly recommend Peter. Sincerly Barbra & Joe


Teri E. | North Richmond, New South Wales

2nd May 2017 Bark busters rating

I do not recall the date of Pongo's first lesson with Peter but he was AMAZING!! He was so respectful of Pongo who is an extremely anxious dog. Meeting Peter was a non event for Pongo. He listened to Peter (who clearly has great rapport with animals) and was very teachable for me. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Michelle P. | Cranebrook, New South Wales

9th April 2017 Bark busters rating

We are very happy with our first week of re-training our Dog Jax who is still young at 1 years old. Thanks to Peter and Bark busters. I am really amazed how quickly he has turned from being super hypo-active to more contented and less jumpy and not so nippy with our children. He has responded well to the training and we are only giving him 10 - 15 mins a night and we chose to changed his diet to Raw Food as suggested. I highly recommend to people to start using these techniques so they can enjoy their dog and in turn have a happier dog too.


Claire G. | Woodford, New South Wales

22nd March 2017 Bark busters rating

The training with Peter was amazing, I could not believe how patient and kind he was to Nelson and within half an hour Nelson was responding and it is like we have a new dog. Nelson has continued to improve everyday and is so well behaved - we are having trouble replicating bad behaviour to do our bark busters training! Peter worked with the whole family and provided detailed information and many helpful tips. We are so thankful to Peter and would very highly recommend Peter and bark busters.


Sally J. | Jordan Springs, New South Wales

13th March 2017 Bark busters rating

We are amazed! Peter was brilliant and 2 days later our naughty puppy is an obedient angel! Peter explained everything to the family and made it simple. We cannot thank him enough. Life changing!

Amanda B. | Mt Riverview, New South Wales

8th March 2017 Bark busters rating

As a first dog owner I struggled a lot with managing my border collie cross. He was hyperactive, would always jump on people, disobedient and no matter what I tried I could only get his attention with food. He pulled the leash when I walked himand he ended up walking me.

Within 5 minutes of the first session Peter had gotten Hunter to listen, to calm down and submit to authority instead of the other way around. The training was informative, practical and doable.

Hunter's a lot more obedient now and is getting there each day. I'm so thankful for Peter and the training as I honestly was so lost with how to train my dog.


Tina S. | Windsor, New South Wales

3rd March 2017 Bark busters rating

It was fantastic to meet you Peter!

Your training style is straight forward and uncomplicated, which makes practicing your teachings very easy. We were so impressed with the gentle way you train and found Olley was very relaxed and happy to co operated with all you/ we asked of him.

It's only been a day and already Olley is walking nicely "on lead" (rather than pulling my arm off) and has a better understanding of how we want him to behave. I am absolutely convinced that with practice and consistent training, we will have total success with helping our gorgeous boy become the perfectly behaved pooch we know he can be.

It was lovely to meet you Peter, and we can't thank you enough for your help with training us to train Olley.

Warm regards,

Tina & Patrick

Michelle A. | Macquarie Links, New South Wales

2nd March 2017 Bark busters rating

I felt it was very helpful Ralph seem to respond well to it he will take some time to become a well trained dog but he has taken the first steps to being well trained and at least tonight i walked out the back dorr without being used as his chew toy


Chris P. | Castle Hill, New South Wales

21st February 2017 Bark busters rating

Peter is a god send! For 10 years we have been dealing with constant barking from our Maltese, Button. If we had any visitors over we would have to listen to non-stop barking, this would carry on for hours and hours or until visitors left. Within 5 minutes of coming into our house Peter had managed to achieve what we couldn't in 10 years! Since our first training session we have noticed a huge difference in Button. She is much more relaxed and at ease. The change in Button has also been reflected by our other dogs all of whom are much quieter and happy. We are now able to get barking under control in a short amount of time without any hassle or stress.

Peter did a great job at explaining exactly what Button was thinking and what we needed to do to resolve the problem. I would recommend Peter to anyone who needs expert help!


Julie-Anne R. | Glenmore Park, New South Wales

21st February 2017 Bark busters rating

The training method has been fabulous for me and Merlin. The improvement has been amazing and I have learnt skills I have been able to use with my other dog. Peter has been really supportive, explains the "why" of doing things which translates to practical application and great results.


Liz B. | Kurrajong Heights, New South Wales

20th February 2017 Bark busters rating

The training we received was awesome and Archie responded very well with the methods taught. I was very impressed with Peter and his knowledge and guidance. Archie had a fear of going down stairs and we had this sorted in one visit. I would highly recommend Bark Busters as I feel more confident in training Archie and he is responding happily to my commands.


Alicia H. | Blacktown, New South Wales

20th February 2017 Bark busters rating

I was so amazed on the quick change in Bolt behaviour when Peter came and visited us. Within a couple of minutes our little Bolt (and I say little loosely as he is a 10 month old Siberian Husky) had stopped jumping and was listening to us so well without use of food or toys.


Sangeetha V. | Colebee, New South Wales

19th February 2017 Bark busters rating

Peter was absolutely fantastic with Angel. He not only taught us some tips and tricks to manage her but also taught us a lot about how dogs see humans as part of the same pack and hence why they behave in a certain manner. He also gave us a lot of insight into "dog language" compared to "human language" and that has helped us a lot in communicating with her. She is now a lot calmer and a much better listener. Like most puppies, she is currently teething and hence chews on pretty much everything including our hands. However, Peter explained to us that she should be chewing on her toys but not our skin. He has given us some awesome tips on changing this behaviour and controlling the chewing. We have now started taking Angel for short walks and she absolutely loves walking on the lead, thanks to Peter. He helped us create a good association for Angel with the lead.

Overall, we are very happy with the way Peter has trained us to train our little one. Yes, we have a long way to go considering she's only a little puppy but we are looking forward to this exciting journey ahead. Thank you Peter and we look forward to seeing you next time.

Genevieve G. | Dural, New South Wales

5th February 2017 Bark busters rating

Wow! I truly did not think that an old dog could learn new ways, but boy was I wrong! Duke is a 9 year old spoodle that had several unwanted behaviours. Since the training he has been so respectful and all round a great dog! We love him even more now then we did before (if that's even possible!) we loved that we were trained to teach Duke which means we have this for life which is so great. We highly recommend bark busters to anyone who is struggling with their dogs habits.


Narelle R. | Glenmore Park, New South Wales

12th December 2016 Bark busters rating

From the day of Beryl's initial training, the changes we saw were amazing. No more dislocated shoulders when we walk her. She just follows along beside us on a loose lead. She now allows us to sweep the floor and just watches without attacking the broom. No more chewed up mops since Peter's visit. A much happier and contented member of the family

Jay V. | Regnetville, New South Wales

17th November 2016 Bark busters rating

Saw immediate results after the learning skills from Peter. He educates on canine behaviour to be able to understand why Ruby was doing things she was doing. She is a highly energetic American Staffy who now listens to commands and is much happier as well as our other dog. Would highly recommend!

Dylan N. | Katoomba, New South Wales

13th November 2016 Bark busters rating

We are a family with 5 kids, and we have had marvelous results with Peter's/Barkbusters methods. Peter came when our Welsh Springer Spaniel puppy (Jack) was just 12 weeks old, and the techniques he taught us in 90 minutes were a fantastic starting point for setting us up with a well trained dog.

Peter explained and demonstrated the techniques in a very effective way, and was very good at holding the kids attention and including them in the process, which they have now taken on with great enthusiasm and success.

Jack was immediately responsive to the techniques, and they have allowed us to get on top of undesirable behaviors like mouthing, chewing shoes, and nipping (especially with our 3 year old). It's wonderful to see our your one say "Bah" when Jack starts to playfully bite her, and he responds!

We feel that choosing to go with Barkbusters was such a worthwhile investment, and could not recommend Peter more highly. We can't wait for our next lesson!


Meredith W. | lapstone, New South Wales

8th November 2016 Bark busters rating

It was the best thing we have done for Otak having Peter visit. We resued him from a shelter, we have no idea of his history. He was very scared and barked a lot out of fear. Otak is improving daily. I have also commenced him on a "Fresh" diet, which was suggested to consider by Peter. we are all very happy with the Bark Buster training methods and would highly recommend having them over for all the pooches in your life.

Andrea T. | North Richmond, New South Wales

7th November 2016 Bark busters rating

We wanted to get some training to help us develop our puppy's basic manners. Peter was excellent - he explained how our dog thinks and therefore how to use our dog's natural instincts to train. We were able to focus on specific habits that our dog had which we wanted to change or improve, such as stopping him licking people, begging for food, mealtime etiquette, and toilet training. Peter spent three hours going through all of our questions and providing general advice on caring for our puppy as well and ensuring safety for anyone who interacts with him. Our dog has been very responsive and we have been very happy with the results so far.


Wendy E. | COLYTON, New South Wales

7th November 2016 Bark busters rating

This is the second time I have used Bark Busters ..I had wonderful results with my dog zeuss I had at the time but he has since passed ...I adopted another rescue dog and though I remembered some of the previous training my new dog Zeena had a few different issues which I did not know how to handle ..

Peter came out for her first training lesson and even on that day I could see an improvement in her behaviour ..we still have a way to go but I spend time with her each day ..

They are a wonderful company and I highly recommend them if you want results..

Sonya M. | wentworth falls, New South Wales

6th November 2016 Bark busters rating

it has all gone very well Dash is doing well and what he is told we also are doing as we have been told Peter has helped train the dog and it's owners thank you Peter


Naomi & Mike H. | Eagle Vale, New South Wales

24th October 2016 Bark busters rating

Peter came to help us with our hyperactive and bossy boy Alfie! Alfie would bark a lot, demanding to come inside as soon as we got home, jumping all over the couches and visitors! Sometimes even jumping all over us whilst eating and stealing our food-surprisingly agile for a little Shih Tzu X ! On our visit Peter started our education about how dogs behave and think, allowing us to see into Alfie's world and how he saw us - At the bottom of the pack! Peter explained to us how to retake the top position and how to tell Alfie when he behaved inappropriately! Thanks to Peter we're taking back control- Alfie is already calmer and respecting us and our space, less barking is the best part! We still have a way to go with our homework as it has only been a few days, but we know we can do it and stay committed! Thanks to Peter and Bark Busters our life is being dictated by us again and not Alfie!


Katrina T. | Quakers Hill, New South Wales

16th October 2016 Bark busters rating

The training was great.

Very do-able & helpful.

Samson is now walking beautifully on the lead, after only 2 weeks.

Peter was patient & willingly answered all our questions, even questions we emailed after the lesson.

We are looking forward to developing more areas with Samson.

It was money well spent.


Lisa R. | Narellan, New South Wales

3rd October 2016 Bark busters rating

The training is very effective and has been amazing. My partner and I have had many dogs over our lifetimes and never thought twice about training, that is until we brought ourselves a red cattle dog and soon came to realise we were in big trouble unless we got her trained. Bark Busters has taught us basic yet simple training techniques, that have made a dramatic positive change in our day to day home life with our fur-babies. And it's only been a week!!! :)


Meri B. | Glenhaven, New South Wales

30th September 2016 Bark busters rating

Peter helped right from the very first visit with my problem getting her attention and showed me valuable tools to help with her fear of other dogs. Her confidence is gaining and a joy to see. I recently boarded her and the kennel said it was a joy to see her blossom each day with the other doggie pals she made. All thanks to Peter of Bark Busters great training program he gave us to follow. I chose the deal that gives us lifelong help for Junos entire life which I know I can always fall back on.


Jody W. | Woodbine, New South Wales

27th September 2016 Bark busters rating

It was very clear and informative. All questions I had were answered in detail.

Margaret B. | Ingleburn, New South Wales

19th September 2016 Bark busters rating

Wow, I had to see it to believe it! Ralph is a ridgeback/wolfhound rescue dog and was very difficult to control in many instances. Peter came to our home and spent 3 hrs training both Ralph and the family. We now have a dog that immediately stops doing anything he shouldn't with a single command and he is so calm now. We are very happy with the results and fully recommend Bark busters. Thankyou Peter for your much needed help.


Megan J. | Penrith, New South Wales

18th September 2016 Bark busters rating

Really happy with the expertise and knowledge from Peter. Our little german shepherd pup picked up everything really well and with Peters help it was a really easy and fun experience. I definitely like the fact that this training does not involve any harmful actions. I would highly recommend bark busters to anyone who is looking at getting some training for their pet. I also like it that we can now train our pup instead of having to send him away for 2 weeks to a puppy school... Peter covered every aspect and answered all questions very confidently. It was a pleasure to have this service now and for the rest of our puppys life

Teegan G. | Tahmoor, New South Wales

3rd September 2016 Bark busters rating

Benson is much better behaved and a lot less anxious. We arebso happy with the results.

Thank you


Teegan G. | Tahmoor, New South Wales

3rd September 2016 Bark busters rating

Benson is much better behaved and a lot less anxious. We are so happy with the results.

Thank you

Linda H. | Colyton, New South Wales

8th August 2016 Bark busters rating

I was a bit sceptical when I called Bark Busters. I obtained a rescue dog from Blacktown Pound and even though he was a wonderfully good natured dog, he obviously had no real training, but after a couple of hours with Peter I began to notice a great difference in my dog. Now instead of trying to beat me out of the door and onto the road he waits for me and walks on the leash without making me dizzy. Even though Benji still has some way to go it is now up to me and I can fully recommend Bark Busters.

Ashlee M. | Jamisontown, New South Wales

5th August 2016 Bark busters rating

Really happy with the training. I have now changed her diet aswell which has helped dramtically. My daughter is now able to walk out the back without bella jumping all over her. Bella with my son is a longer process but that cause of my son he has additional needs but bella is getting better every day. I noticed a big change after the first training session. Really happy with her progress and can't wait to see how much better she becomes.


Rijn M. | Lalor Park, New South Wales

28th July 2016 Bark busters rating

Peter was amazing. It was so good to address the sibling rivalry between Sy and Peppa. Peter was truly interested in helping Taleaha and I so our dogs would learn to get along. He was very knowledgeable and not there to babysit or hold our hand but to empower us to take ownership over the dogs and be leaders of the pack. I've waited this long to post in order to ensure the training worked and it has. Thank you so much for your help and the tip on all natural diets.


Daniel M. | Glenwood, New South Wales

20th July 2016 Bark busters rating

Peter was great. Very friendly and gave us the right techniques and it was very simple. Lucy responded immediately to the training. She no longer jumps up on people, no longer walks in front of people and listens to commands and is more focused on us. This was a very positive experience! We are very pleased.


Nick & Sue V. | Harrington Park, New South Wales

18th July 2016 Bark busters rating

Glad that we went with Bark Busters. After the visit by Peter, with just the first session of training techniques and advise we are seeing a difference in our dog especially as we have a bit of a stubborn Sharpei. Peter was very informative and his knowledge and skill with dogs is very evident. He is a great trainer and happy that we chose a Bark Busters trainer for our pet. We have already recommended our Bark Busters trainer, Peter, to the couple that got our dog's sister as we saw at how well the training was conducted and at how well pets are treated by the trainer/trainers of Bark Busters. As well Bark Busters customer service for the life of the dog is of such a benefit for assistance or even for a question.

Robyn A. | eastern creek, New South Wales

21st June 2016 Bark busters rating

Peter is extremely professional ,calm and informative on all areas of dog training. I feel so relieved to know how to actually train my dogs and will endeavour to carry the training that peter has set for my dogs....He had dezi walking next to me and not pulling in a matter of 15minutes,i could not believe the change I am over the moon ..Thank you Peter and thank you Bark Busters ..Your all fantastic


Holly R. | Campbelltown, New South Wales

12th May 2016 Bark busters rating

The training was absolutely amazing, we were all so surprised at how quickly it worked and were amazed to see some insight into a dogs life.


Emma K. | Appin, New South Wales

11th May 2016 Bark busters rating

I could not be more impressed with how everything turned out with Bentley, he has completely changed and I can't express in words how thankful I am! Peter was very in depth with our discussions, he made me feel very easy going with everything, he was patient with both me and Bentley. He constantly reassured me that we were making process and to contact him if I needed anything :)


Amanda F. | Dural, New South Wales

11th April 2016 Bark busters rating

Peter taught me the strategies to help Hercules stop nuisance barking and to respect me as the pack leader. He also showed me how to stop our puppy, Roscoe, from jumping up and barging through doors. I was so impressed with Peter's wealth of knowledge and how effective his strategies were in making our dogs better behaved members of our family. I highly recommend Peter to everyone looking to do the same with their dogs.


Carla C. | Winmalee, New South Wales

7th April 2016 Bark busters rating

We got Ruby as a puppy. She was a rescue dog, so we didn't know anything about her past, but she had scars to prove it wasn't great. As time went on Ruby's bad behaviours got worse to the point that I was days away from surrendering her or worse. I had heard of bark busters from a friend who had used them. Within 1 hour of Peters visit, I was speechless, Ruby, who usually showed aggression, especially towards men, was not barking, not being aggressive towards him, her anxiety had settled she was like a completely different dog. Peter gave us a program to follow and keep up with teaching her new good behaviour. We are beyond happy with bark busters and their methods.

Deborah W. | Mount Annan, New South Wales

7th April 2016 Bark busters rating

Peter was very professional and clearly explained everything

Peter had rapid results with our girl. Even at the first session , she became a quieter and less fearful dog.

We have seen instant results with Millie and are so happy that we chose Peter and Barkbusters.

Thank you so much.


Jackie O. | Campbelltown, New South Wales

31st March 2016 Bark busters rating

Peter was very professional and has been supportive through the whole process of training two very stubborn basset hounds. On the day he explained things in a simple easy to understand manner and within hours I noticed the difference. After two weeks from the initial visit, the training is very much paying off and I would recommend Peter to anyone who needs to train their dogs. I wish I had done this years ago!

William S. | pitt town, New South Wales

28th March 2016 Bark busters rating

Very helpful and simple to follow.

Maria C. | Penrith, New South Wales

14th March 2016 Bark busters rating

I found Peter to be professional and on time. Peter showed me some techniques in correcting my pomeranian Ted and the results were instantaneous! I then practiced what Peter taught me straight after he left & wow. Ted was still listening to me and responding. I was able to easily follow and understand the methods. I am looking forward to our follow up appointment with Peter so I can share our progress.


Greg M. | Emu Heights, New South Wales

21st February 2016 Bark busters rating

Peter was an excellent communicator during our training session. So clearly did he demonstrate that our frustrations with Opie's behaviour lied with our ignorance of how to be effective leaders of his pack. I found Peter's breadth of knowledge about dogs and their owners very rewarding.


Tara F. | Spring Farm, New South Wales

18th February 2016 Bark busters rating

From the moment Peter came in and discussed with Robert and myself the training techniques of Bark Busters and how they relate to human dog interaction we were immediately impressed. Once we started to implement a few of the techniques and the "Barhing", we noticed a massive positive change in our dogs and their behaviour. Penny and Herc were instantly more attentive, obedient and relaxed in a way.


Meike B. | Campbelltown, New South Wales

13th February 2016 Bark busters rating

I own two, eight year old beagles - Indy and Champas.

Peter provided us with strategies to deal with bad behavior and anxiety issues. We were a given a detailed training schedule to follow.

The last 3 weeks we have notice a huge improvement in their behavior and anxiety. I spend 15 minutes a day reinforcing the strategies.

Allan & Maureen M. | South Penrith, New South Wales

8th February 2016 Bark busters rating

Shelby's training session yesterday was excellent she went from being disobedient with Maureen and difficult to control at times to being an obedient puppy.

Being a Border Collie I had an idea what she would be like as the breed tend to have a natural instinct to herd and within 5 minutes Peter had her obeying his simple but very effective commands.

Shelby also had a habit of nipping at hands and legs as well as feet and clothing. The technique that Peter demonstrated to us has her almost under complete control with this problem.

He has provided us with an easy to follow guide to assist inShelby's ongoing training to make sure we have the tools to look after her through her life.

Thank you Peter and Barkbusters for an excellent result.


Natasha L. | Cherrybrook, New South Wales

8th February 2016 Bark busters rating

Peter is very professional and dedicated trainer. The instruction and tips were clear and very well explained. His confidence and patience are the number one quality.

During the three hours session the dog transformation from a naughty to a well behaved puppy was incredible.